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Whether it's weight loss, sports specific nutrition, disease prevention, management of dietary conditions or just increasing your energy levels, each client is individually evaluated and provided with an evidence-based and comprehensive nutrition plan they can follow and fit into their current regime. My focus is to help you develop a healthy relationship with food and achieve your optimal goals to positively change the way you eat.

If you would like to enquire about one of the service options below, please follow the links and pop me an email. Once I have received your enquiry, I will get back to you as soon as possible with availability. 

See me in the clinic, on video chat, or on the phone. 


General Health

A unique and tailored diet to suit your needs. I will factor in your sport, work, travel, family and lifestyle needs. 

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Meal and Exercise Challenges

Are you looking to learn quick and easy recipes along side getting fitter, leaner and stronger? Then why not give our Meal and Exercise Plans a go!

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Performance Nutrition

Customisation of any athletes nutrition -  elite or amateur - in any sport to optimise performance in training and competition.

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Monthly Nutrition Advice

Continuous nutrition support - providing you with healthy nutritious recipes weekly to keep you on track with your health journey. 

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Bespoke Meal Plans

Are you looking to learn quick and easy recipes that will help you to feel great? Then why not give our Meal Plans a go!

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The 12-Week Challenge

This bundle will put you on the right track to looking and feeling amazing for your summer holiday! Learn to love the food you eat and get ready to watch your body change for the better. 

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I practice from Chipping Norton | Oxfordshire