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A combined approach to support and improve your health


A small and personalised Clinic, offering nutritional advice, physiotherapy, sports massage, and 1:1 pilates from a highly experienced Physiotherapist.

COVID-19 Update


From 15th June, Caitlin Tinn Therapy will be open again for business.  There will be some minor changes in protocols to stay in line with government advice and to minimise risk to any patients.  However, this should not impact significantly on the service provided.  If you are worried about these changes, have any queries, or wish to make an appointment, do get in touch on 07731014639 or email caitlintinnnutrition@gmail.com

Consultations Available At:

Caitlin Tinn Therapy - Chipping Norton (Mon/Wednesday/Friday)

The Bosworth Clinic - Cassington


By Video/Phone

Caitlin Tinn
Registered Physiotherapist, Nutritionist and Sports Massage Therapist
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