Smoothies are one of my morning favourites………and they are so readily available today in shops, cafes etc… But there is no need to go out and buy a smoothie. It’s so easy to make it at home. All you need is a good blender.

These quick and simple smoothies are easily prepared at the weekend for the following week – leaving you with hassle-free weekday mornings!! With these delicious and nutritious recipes, I can assure you, it’s well worth the effort you’ll put in over the weekend.

Don’t worry about buying the expensive fresh fruits – most of them are out of season when you want them. Frozen fruits are still nutritious as they are picked right at their peak – when they are ripe and perfect for eating. Frozen fruits are more affordable and available all-year-round. You can also buy them in bulk, not to mention the longer shelf life, no need to wash, peel or cut up the fruit.

While pure fruit smoothies are my favourite, adding yoghurt provides that extra pack of protein which is essential for muscle regrowth. Once frozen, simply add them to the fruit packs and blend away.

Why should we prep smoothies in advance??

1. No Cooking:

Stretched for time? Smoothies are super simple to prep in advance and they don’t require any cooking or washing up of numerous dishes

2. Ready-To-Go Breakfast or Snack:

Prep in advance smoothies are the ultimate solution to an empty fridge or cupboard. With prepped smoothie bags in the freezer, a breakfast, snack is always available.. A smoothie alone won’t fill the hungry belly of my boyfriend. For this reason, I usually pair a smoother with an easy side: crackers, homemade granola bar (prepped in advance – recipe coming soon) or a homemade muffin (recipe coming soon).

3. Nutritiously balanced – A good way to start the day:

Smoothies first thing in the morning are a good way to get those core nutrients into the body. No matter what happens throughout that day, you know you have had a healthy does of fruits, veggies, probiotics and even nuts/seeds.

Equipment for Preparing Smoothies:

  1. Blender – a high speed blender is the way to go (especially if you are adding seeds/nuts to your smoothies).

  2. Freezer-Bags – ideal for limited space in the freezer.

  3. Ice Cube Trays – ideal for the yoghurt cubes.

  4. Popsicle Moulds – reusable/one-time use moulds are ideal for travelling or lunchboxes for the kids.

How to Prep your Smoothies

1. Freeze low fat yoghurt in an ice cube tray.


2. Put 1 ¼ cup of your favourite fruits in a freezer bag (my favourites are mango and strawberry).


3. Add two frozen yoghurt cubes to each fruit bag.


4. Blend each fruit mixture with 1 cup liquid of your choice (my favourite is apple juice or coconut water).

This allows you to prep smoothies up to 6 months in advance (if just using fruits) and 2-3 months (if using greens).

So why not give these smoothies a try…..remember prep them at the weekend for an easier week.

Strawberry and Mango -


1 cup  apple juice

2 cubes frozen plain non-fat yoghurt

½ cup frozen strawberries

½ frozen mango