What we do

Caitlin Tinn Performance Nutrition provides both an online service as well as a face-to-face service which is aimed to benefit individuals that lead busy lives, whilst working around family and work commitments. 

What can I expect?

When we receive your application form, a 30- minute initial consultation will be arranged (through face-time or a face-to-face consultation), which will allow us to find out more about yourself (age, height, weight, BMI etc.......) as well as assess your nutrition, lifestyle and goals. It is important that we get a clear subjective history about everything from your family life, hobbies, training and food preferences so that the program we provide is specific to your needs. 


Once we have established your goals, we will ask you to complete a three or five-day food diary (subjective to your requirements) as well as a questionnaire that will ask about your current lifestyle and nutrition habits, including your food preferences. If you have signed up for the 28-day challenge or the 12-week challenge, you will also be asked about your training history as well as a physical activity readiness questionnaire (PAR-Q) to complete.

Following completion of all the relevant information, I will analyse your questionnaire and based on your answers I will confirm the right program for you. Payment will need to be completed and any further questions answered prior to me commencing the program.