Monthly Nutrition Advice

Continuous Monthly Support

£17.99 per month

Continuous nutrition support - providing you with healthy nutritious recipes weekly to keep you on track with your health journey. This plan normally follows an initial consultation (£135) and is here to provide continuous support whilst you are on the journey to eating healthily and improving your lifestyle. 


Whats included:

  • Identification of weekly goals (nutrition, lifestyle changes....)

  • One nutritious recipe a week

  • One nutritious snack idea a week

  • Continuous online support (via email)

  • Super-tasty and simple meal ideas

  • Advice on tracking apps to make nutrition goals easier

This plan is accessible to anyone - whether you follow a vegetarian diet or you are a meat lover. This tailored monthly support plan will keep you on track of your goals to transform your eating and exercise habits to become leaner and healthier. Learn to love the food you eat and get ready to watch your body change for the better. 

“I write this the evening after my first day of placement, and i just want to say thank you for everything you did for me in getting me to where i am today. I wouldn't be able to continue my studies without you. My knee is now 100% and that's down to you.”

- Current Client -