12-Week Challenge

This bundle will put you on the right track to looking and feeling amazing for your summer holiday! Learn to love the food you eat and get ready to watch your body change for the better. 
Whats included?

  • Full assessment of your goals

  • Macronutrient & calorie goals personalised to your body

  • Optional structured meal plan

  • Workout ideas

  • Use of MyFitnessPal app

  • Supplementation recommendations

  • Monthly check in's where measurements can be taken, we can discuss your progress and make any adjustments to your program (if needed)

  • Unlimited email or phone support

How does it work?

Start with a questionnaire


This will give us a clear picture of your overall health, body measurements, nutritional history and lifestyle and helping us to ensure you get the best start possible.

Designing of your plan 


We will create your tailored calorie and macronutrient meal plan using our recipes. These tailored meals will support your progression through each cycle (three in total) during the plan and will form the base of your new lifestyle and journey

Training plan


After 4-5 working days we will have created cycle one of your tailored HIIT training plan. This will be sent to you via email. We will change your training plan every month to keep your journey progressing. There will be a total of three cycles to complete during this plan.  

Completion of the plan and sustaining results


AMAZING! You have completed the plan. You’ll receive a mini pack via email containing useful tips you need to sustain your results.

“I write this the evening after my first day of placement, and i just want to say thank you for everything you did for me in getting me to where i am today. I wouldn't be able to continue my studies without you. My knee is now 100% and that's down to you.”

- Current Client -